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In search of identity and purpose...

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Sharavega is a bi-weekly digital digest of History, Culture and Contemporary world. But what makes it unique?

Robert Gavick

A clear perspective
We have a clear perspective, without any prejudice, which we wish to share with like-minded folks.

Paulina Nowakowska

Appealing content
Our vision is exploring truth, while still being relevant and thoroughly entertaining.

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Convenient to read
We emphasize on neat formatting which means abosrbing the content is a breeze even to those who do not prefer reading online.

In search of Identity and purpose...

Instead of an overload of information, we analyze and discuss the interesting and relevant topics, in a manner which is both entertaining and useful.

Special emphasis on the average Indian point of view

The topics may vary from History, Literature, Myth or contemporary, but with a special emphasis on the average Indian point of view. Those stories which you never read in your school or those which were never mentioned anywhere before and other interesting subjects, we are here to explore. Are you interested?

Most of us are lost in our journey and often unsettled. Not many may show a liking towards holistic approach or a larger perspective. But if you are one among those who love the thrill of gaining a superior understanding by exploring and analyzing, join the cult.

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Ancient Values, Modern Approach

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We respect your privacy and it is of prime importance for us. We do not ask you for any details unnecessarily, no traps, no gimmicks. We build our network through trust and sincereity.

No matter what device you are having, it is blissfully easy to read and interact. 

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